Gerald F. DiBona, MD

Emeritus Professor of Internal Medicine - Nephrology


AB, Harvard University
MD, Tufts University School of Medicine
MD, University of Goteborg
Resident, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
Fellow, Peter Bent Brigham Hospital & Harvanrd Medical School

Research Summary

Gerald DiBona's research interest is in the renal neural control of renal function in regard to hypertension and cardiac failure. The efferent and afferent renal nerves have been shown to have, respectively, important direct effects on the kidney and indirect reflex effects to produce generalized sympathoexcitation, both of which are major pathophysiological mechanisms in hypertension and cardiac failure. The more fundamental studies are conducted in relevant animal models of hypertension and cardiac failure. Related clinical research involves randomized clinical trials of renal denervation using a variety of technologies in patients with both hypertension and cardiac failure.