Patrick Barlow, PhD

Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine - General Internal Medicine

Contact Information

200 Hawkins Drive
Iowa City, IA 52242


PhD, Educational Psychology and Research, University of Tennessee

Research Summary

Pat Barlow came to the university in September 2014 as a Program Evaluation Consultant in the Office of Consultation & Research in Medical Education (OCRME). Originally from the Minneapolis area, he completed his B.A. in English and Psychology at Saint John’s University (Collegeville, MN) before moving south to complete his Ph.D. in Evaluation, Statistics, & Measurement at the University of Tennessee. He currently teaches an educational research methods course in the college’s Masters of Medical Education degree program, and he serves as the Associate Director for Program Evaluation at the UI Institute for Clinical & Translational Science. While at Iowa, Pat has worked on a wide range of program evaluation and research projects ranging local programs like overhauling the Medical Student Liaison Committee process and developing a centralized educational data warehouse to support monitoring the college’s compliance with its accreditation standards to large scale, national initiatives such as working to develop standard program evaluation metrics used to measure the impact of the Clinical & Translational Awards (CTSA) program. Pat’s research and teaching interests include program evaluation and assessment in undergraduate and graduate medical education; survey design and construction; teaching statistics and research methods in medical education, and the use of natural language processing techniques in medical education. Outside of work, Pat can usually be found deep in his latest woodworking project or spending time with his wife Elise and their young daughter Eleanor.


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