Sreedevi K. Jenigiri, MBBS

Adjunct Faculty - Tulane Medical School
Junior Faculty - University of Queensland
Academic Internist - Iowa City Veterans Hospital
Clinical Assistant Professor
Clinical Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine - General Internal Medicine

Contact Information


MBBS, Medicine, Gandhi Medical College

Resident, Asha Hospital
Resident, Internal Medicine Residency, East Tennessee State University

Licensure and Certifications

Diplomat of the American Board of Obesity Medicine
Iowa Medical License - Iowa Board of Medicine


Koppisetti, S., Jenigiri, B., Terron, M. P., Tengattini, S., Tamura, H., Flores, L. J., Tan, D. X. & Reiter, R. J. (2008). Reactive oxygen species and the hypomotility of the gall bladder as targets for the treatment of gallstones with melatonin: a review. Digestive diseases and sciences, 53(10), 2592-603. PMID: 18338264.

Reiter, R. J., Tan, D. X., Manchester, L. C., Pilar Terron, M., Flores, L. J. & Koppisepi, S. (2007). Medical implications of melatonin: receptor-mediated and receptor-independent actions. Advances in medical sciences, 52, 11-28. PMID: 18217386.