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Research Administration

The Department of Internal Medicine Research Administration Office is a resource for pre-award and post-award research management. We are committed to ensuring our customer base has adequate support to submit grants as well as manage funding after award. Additionally, we provide management of start-up, bridging and retention packages as well as postdoc and graduate student appointments.

Contacts and Responsibilities

Research Administration Staff act as resources for a portfolio of assigned responsibilities. The assignments are as follows:

Lori Bassler
Director, Research Administration & Financial Operations

Responsibilites: Pre-award Proposal Budget Development; Departmental Research Budget; NIH NRSAs & T32s; Industry Fellowships; Effort Reporting; Data Analysis; Post-award NIH, VA and Association Awards


Angela Hester

Research Support Specialist

Responsibilities:  Pre & Post-award grant submission and financial support for Immunology, CV Medicine, Endocrinology, GI and Nephrology; Database Management; Subaward Processing; Postaward Financial Assistance


Necole Miller
Research Manager

Responsibilites: Pre & Post-award NIH and Industry Sponsored Clinical Trial Awards


Dianna Penny
Administrative Support Coordinator (part-time)

Responsibilities:  Assistance with CAYUSE, UIRIS Proposal Routing, Postaward Financial Assistance

Our Mission

The mission of the Department of Internal Medicine Research Administration office is to provide administrative and financial support for the Research Enterprise of the department. Our client base includes the DEO, Department and Division Administrators, Principal Investigators, Research Staff, Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Scholars.

This includes identifying funding sources, assisting with grant preparation and submission as well as post-award financial management activities. The office staff also manages the research space assigned to the Department.

Specific areas we address:

  • Seek opportunities for research proposal submission. Assist faculty in working with Sponsored Programs to search key words for a research opportunities specific to their research program.
  • Support investigators in the development of budgets and budget justifications.
  • Process applications using appropriate web-based submission systems, including CAYUSE, AHA, proposalCENTRAL, etc.
  • Provide training in the use of on-line application processes to faculty and staff.
  • Coordinate the preparation and submission of proposals for larger multidisciplinary grants, i.e. Program Projects Grants, and T32 applications. Compose and edit sections as appropriate.
  • Review and approve grant applications for submission to agencies.
  • Enter data in the research database for new and non-competing applications.
  • Communicate with the PIs regarding review status as a start date approaches.
  • Pursue awards for applications known to be accepted for funding.
  • Assist with the preparation and processing of progress reports, including the use of eRA commons.
  • Manage T32 and other fellowship appointments for postdoctoral fellows and house staff.
  • Assist in the processing of materials for T32 non-competing renewals.
  • Oversee the annual Effort Certification process
  • Manage research space assigned to the department. Assist faculty with moving in and moving out of laboratories. Clean out labs and coordinate remodeling efforts.
  • Oversee Graduate Student appointments including tuition payments.
  • Prepare monthly financial reports on grant status; prepare special reports for the DEO as requested.
  • Serve as a resource for all research needs.