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Diabetes Research Training Grant

Project Number:  T32 DK112751


Program Goals: There is a drastic need to devise better approaches to prevent, treat, and ultimately reverse diabetes, which requires constant training of skilled cohorts of investigators. The new Diabetes Research Training Program at the University of Iowa is positioned to mentor and launch the next generation of investigators who will address this critical need and focus their scientific efforts on diabetes. The program is built on the myriad strengths of the University of Iowa Fraternal Order of Eagles Diabetes Research Center (FOEDRC), which is driving innovative strategies aimed at further understanding the pathophysiology of diabetes and its complications and at devising novel preventative and curative strategies.

About the Fellowship: The Diabetes Center T32 Diabetes Research Training Program is:

  • For post-graduate training of physician and PhD scientists who aim to become independently funded investigators.
  • Up to 6 trainees can be supported by the program.
  • Training support lasts 1-2 years, but can be combined with additional years of support from other sources.
  • Training can occur in one of 9 areas of thematic focus
    • Molecular, Mechanistic & Integrative Physiology of Diabetes
    • Mitochondria, Intermediary Metabolism, and Cellular Energetics
    • Cardiac & Skeletal Muscle in Diabetes, Obesity & Metabolic Disease
    • Cardiovascular Disease
    • Insulin Secretion, Islet Biology and Cystic Fibrosis Related Diabetes
    • Vascular, Endothelial, and Neuronal Dysfunction Associated with Diabetes
    • Central Nervous System Control of Metabolism, Obesity, & Diabetes
    • Gastrointestinal, Microbiota, and Inflammatory Mechanisms in Diabetes and Metabolism.
    • Clinical Studies of Diabetes & Obesity
  • More than 3 dozen NIH-funded investigators within the Diabetes Center can serve as the training mentor. These mentors span multiple departments and clinical divisions.
  • Support for Masters-training related to clinical/translational biomedicine is available for trainees involved in clinical and/or translational diabetes research.
  • In addition to primary training in diabetes research, training curriculum is also provided in diabetes, metabolism, grant writing, and research ethics.
  • Applications are accepted on a year round basis.

For additional information about the grant or instructions to apply, contact Jonathan Thomas by email jonathan-t-thomas@uiowa.edu.