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Community Education & Outreach


The Iowa Neuroscience Institute sponsors  intensive workshops and seminars for Iowa Neuroscience Institute researchers and visiting scientists of international renown, and public outreach events including artists, writers, and intellectuals whose work touches on how neuroscience can inform and improve the human condition. Iowa Neuroscience Institute faculty also connect with state and local legislators, educators, and community leaders to advocate for the importance of neuroscience research for the promotion of human health and the well-being of our communities. 

Our annual workshop is an opportunity for the scholarly community to gather for discussions and presentations on a focused topic. Due to continuing limitations for travel, the next workshop has been moved to Fall 2022.

We create opportunities for community members to hear from and discuss topics of inerest with our faculty and invited guest speakers. The University of Iowa's strength in writing and the arts drives our focus on connections between neuroscience and the arts. We collaborate with our campus colleagues, including the Carver College of Medicine Writing and Humanities Program, with whom we hosted singer-songwriter Rosanne Cash in February 2020 for a conversation about music and the brain.