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Undergraduate Education

Undergraduate Education in Neuroscience

Herky in the LabMore than 280 University of Iowa undergraduates are pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience degree, an interdisciplinary major administered by the Department of Biology and the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences, in cooperation with the Iowa Neuroscience Institute. Nearly 70% of neuroscience majors are women and nearly a quarter are first-generation college students. The rigorous, integrated curriculum is strong preparation for continuing to graduate (Ph.D.) or medical (M.D.) school. Honors research opportunities are available in the laboratories of top neuroscientists across campus, including all members of the Iowa Neuroscience Institute. 

Engagement of students from underrepresented groups in neuroscience research is supported by the NIH-funded Iowa Biosciences Academy, housed within the Biology Department, which includes a strong contingent of neuroscience faculty among its core mentors. Talented students interested in neuroscience outreach can also become fellows of the Latham Science Engagement Initiative of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, through which they can pursue projects focused on engaging our community in thinking about how science impacts their daily lives, informs policy, and can be used to address societal challenges. Students studying neuroscience are also encouraged to explore the Certificate in Clinical and Translational Science offered by the Iowa Institute for Clinical and Translational Science. This certificate program can be pursued alongside a major and offers a strong curriculum in epidemiology, biostatistics, and translational research, to help transfer scientific discoveries from "bench to bedside".

Summer research opportunities include the INI Summer Scholars program and the campuswide Interdisciplinary Summer Undergraduate Research Program.