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Barrier Buster Grants

The Iowa Neuroscience Institute seeks to remove barriers that prevent members’ full participation in the scientific community. We will award small grants (less than $5,000) to support members of INI labs in overcoming obstacles to their scientific growth.

There are many potential barriers in science that interfere with researcher’s chances for participation in the scientific community and for success. Although overcoming these barriers can be small in terms of financial cost, there are often few sources of funding for such expenses. Ideal examples include travel funds, such as those needed to visit another lab to learn a new approach, for a trainee to accompany a mentor to a meeting or invited lecture, or for expenses such as childcare during scientific conferences. Other examples could include a new reagent, animal model, equipment, or proteomic/transcriptomic analyses necessary for obtaining preliminary data for a new grant. In all cases, a primary criterion will be that no other funds are available to overcome this particular barrier.


• INI investigator or a member of an INI lab. Lab members must have written approval from the PI.

• The use of funds should be clearly explained and justified.

• Basic, translational, and clinical researchers are eligible.


• One-page or less description of intended use, need, and a budget.

• Budget should be as precise as possible and for necessary costs only.

• State why other available funds cannot be used.

• Applications should be sent as PDF directly to iowa-neuroscience-institute@uiowa.edu

• Additional materials may be required after submission for review.


Based on the justification of use and need, and available funds.


Applications will be accepted on an ongoing basis and will be reviewed and awarded every two months.


Inquiries: iowa-neuroscience-institute@uiowa.edu