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Checklist Steroid Insufflation to Salivary Glands in Clinic

last modified on: Sat, 02/19/2022 - 15:57

Checklist for Steroid (Kenalog 10) Insufflation to Salivary Glands (Parotid & Submandibular) in Clinic 


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Sialograms and SialographyTurner Needle used for Wharton's Duct (Submandibular Duct) Cannulation

Parotid duct dilation and steroid insufflation in clinic and Cook Medical Salivary Access Dilator Set

see also video:Salivary Cannulation and Infusion TechniquesIn Office Sialodochoplasty (Office Based) Wharton's Ductoplasty Under Local Anesthesia Following Submandibular Gland Resection


"Salivary Duct Canulation/Dilation/Steroid Infusion"

Equipment :

  Medicine Cup (plastic)        (1)
  Cotton tipped applicator     (5)
  1 cc Syringe Luer Lock       (2)
  5cc Syringe 
  18 G needle to draw up Kenalog  
  22 G Abbocath  (Stores #907578) (2)
  24 G Abbocath  (Stores #907577) (2)

   House-Rosen Needle a.k.a Turner needle used more commonly for submandibular gland
  Turner needle (Rosen pick or Rosen needle) - Otologic instrument
  Ziegler dilator  (1) – (rarely used), can borrow from ASC
  Kittners  (2) packages
  4 x 4 Sponge   (1) pack
  Oto Minor Tray  (1) – order from CSS
      (DeBakey) Forceps should be included on Minor Tray
      (2) Extra Single DeBakey Forceps with Dr. Hoffman’s name- keep in Blue Box
     .015 guide wires both the 30 and 50 cm lengths (Cook Medical) (see photo in: Parotid duct dilation and steroid insufflation in clinic)

COOK Salivary Access Dilatros (package of 4Fr 5 Fr 6 Fr 7 Fr)

May request Marchal hollow bore metal dilators


     2% Viscious Lidocaine       (1)
     Kenalog 10  (2) bottles  -potential for 5 cc to be instilled into each gland
Do not draw up medication into syringe.(Dr. Hoffman to draw up).
     Lubricating jel (usually use the 2% viscous lidocaine instead of the K-Y gel    

Extra Supplies - unlikely to need for routine cases

  4-0 Vicryl / needle driver / scissors / scalpel with 15 blade
  Silver Nitrate Sticks