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Sialograms and Sialography

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Parotid Sialography

Sialogram Technique

Checklist Steroid Insufflation to Salivary Glands in Clinic

Ultrasound Sialography (Ultrasound With Salivary Duct Infusion)

Parotid duct dilation

Parotid Sialogram - Sialectasis

Parotid Sialogram - SjogrensParotid sialogram, ultrasound, and CT for Sjogrens syndrome

Parotid Sialogram - Stone

Parotid Sialogram Stone 2

Parotid Sialogram - Post Irradiation Stricture

Parotid Sialogram - Foreign Body

Sialosis (Sialadenosis) Sialogram

Sialosis (sialadenosis) sialogram and CT

Parotid Sialogram - Accessory Lobe with Acute Masseteric Bend in Stensen's Duct

Parotid Sialogram - Normal

Ultrasound and sialogram right parotid Sjogrens syndrome

Juvenile Recurrent Parotitis Sialogram

Parotid duct strictures dilated with balloon catheters under fluoroscopy

Salivary Cannulation and Infusion Techniques [video]

Sialogram showing distal ductal stricture treated with parotidectomy

Parotid cutaneous fistula sialogram and starch iodine test

Parotid Duct Elongation and Dilation from Chronic Distal Obstruction

Normal Parotid Sialogram with Video

Sialogram Complications

Parotid Sialogram Straighten the Duct (Masseteric Bend)


Submandibular Sialography

Submandibular duct cannulation

Submandibular Sialogram - Normal

Normal Submandibular Sialogram Sequence

Submandibular sialogram ductal stricture

Ultrasound and Sialogram Correlates of Submandibular Duct Obstruction

Bartholin's duct on normal sialogram

Submandibular Sialogram During Swallowing - Dynamic Changes to Wharton's Duct

Submandibular Sialogram with Stricture Showing Dynamic Changes to Duct Morphology During Infusion and Catheter Removal