Bioinformatics services provide expertise and equipment to carry out the analysis of complex data sets. Biological insight may be gained from large data sets from PT-PCR experiments, microarray analyses, and next-generation sequencing experiments

The bioinformatics team has broad experience in next generation DNA sequencing, microarray, comparative genomics, SNP and proteomics data analyses. They have experience in programming in languages such as Perl, Python, C++ and Java; and working knowledge with statistical analysis, computing clusters, linux operating systems, storage appliances and file systems such as zfs and large partitions. The team has extensive biology knowledge and several years of accumulated research experience in the field of bioinformatics and independence with developing strategies for different types of projects.


Bioinformatics staff are available from Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


Diana Kolbe
Director, Bioinformatics Division, Iowa Institute of Human Genetics
(319) 353-5548