Project Management

The goal of the Carver College of Medicine Project Management Office is to turn projects into services. A project should be temporary and should have a defined end-state with defined outcomes. The Project Management Office will guide the project from beginning to end, assisting and coordinating with various phases. Basic services offered by this office are:

  • Consultation on need for a project? Does the request constitute a project? Is there already a service in place that will fit the requirement?
  • Assist with the development and definition of the project; define the scope and outcome of the project
  • Provide updates to respective governance areas on the status of projects
  • Advocate for the project through the life cycle
  • Coordinate kick-off activities once project is complete and ready for service launch


I.T. consulting is available to all faculty and staff within the Carver College of Medicine. Consultants are available Monday through Friday from 8:00am - 5:00pm.


Heath Davis
I.T. Consulting and Management Services
(319) 384-5409       

Shannon Manley
I.T. Consulting and Management Services
(319) 384-4769


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