Web & Design Services

The UI Health Care Marketing and Communications Web Team provides web publishing assistance to Carver College of Medicine units. Services include website creation, design, content review, usability, accessibility, hosting, and training.

For routine updates and corrections to web content, please submit a Bugzilla request by using the online form. Bugzilla is the best way for the team to:

  • Answer Drupal/web questions
  • Help with account access matters
  • Create new lab sites
  • Fix broken links
  • Make content updates or corrections
  • Address APR photos
  • Help with training requests 

If you're unfamiliar with Bugzilla, here are some helpful resources: 

For Carver College of Medicine programs interested in launching larger web projects, we ask you to complete the assistance request form. Someone from the Marketing and Communications team will respond within 72 hours to begin addressing your request. 

For issues involving the Academic and Professional Record (APR), we ask you to email your concerns to ccom-apr@uiowa.edu. Members of the APR team can help you with missing information, technical issues, and training requests.

Drupal Training Materials

Step by step instructions for common tasks in Drupal.


Greg Johnson
Web Content Manager
Marketing and Communications
University of Iowa Health Care