Digital Signage Service

The Carver College of Medicine's digital signage system serves as an internal communications channel for faculty, staff, and students to highlight events, accomplishments, campus news, and more. The process to submit signage requests will be handled as follows:

Step 1

Prepare your slide using the CCOM PowerPoint templates. Right click to download.

  • Content is intentionally minimized as faculty, staff, students, etc. briefly glance at the screens. (Think of a billboard as you’re driving.)

Step 2

Submit your slide using the UI Health Care monitor form.

  • Check UI Carver College of Medicine as the requested location, and drop your slide into the gray box toward the bottom.

  • PBDB submissions should route to Mary Kenyon.

Step 3

Our team will post your slide within one to two days of receiving it.

Event slides

Flight boards display upcoming events happening in the Carver College of Medicine. These events will display on a template and only display vital information for attendees. Check out the live feed to view upcoming events happening in the Carver College of Medicine.

Please submit these signs following the steps outlined above.

If you have questions about the flight boards, please view more details on The Point.

Departmental monitors

Please contact your marketing representative for information on establishing new departmental or unit monitors. All new monitor requests will be reviewed by Facilities Planning and Management.

Hardware problems

Issues with the monitors can be reported to Classroom and Meeting Technologies at 319-335-8591. 


We value your opinion on this service and other Carver College of Medicine IT services. Please take a moment to answer a few questions to improve our services.