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Thank you for your interest in the Molecular Medicine Graduate Program. The Biomedical Science Program (BSP) oversees admissions and first-year graduate studies for 7 doctoral programs, including Molecular Medicine.

APPLY NOW. Application fee waivers are available. Also, the cost to apply is reimbursed by the Carver College of Medicine for all applicants who receive an interview invitation and complete the interview.

Students enjoy the flexibility of investigating several disciplines prior to affiliating with a specific subprogram by performing three research rotations in the laboratories of any of the BSP faculty, regardless of the faculty person’s program affiliation(s). The BSP has organized its first-year curriculum in order to meet the dual goals of: A) providing all students with an integrated, core foundation in modern molecular and cellular biology, biochemistry, genetics, quantitative literacy, and critical thinking; and B) providing maximum flexibility to accommodate students' individual interests.

Students earn a Ph.D. degree in Biomedical Science (Name of Subprogram).

Questions about admissions procedures can be directed to BSP staff at or call 1-319-335-8306.