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Chia-Hung (Christine) Hsiao

Mentor: Mary Wilson, M.D.
Lab Phone: 335-6807

Expression of major surface proteases (MSPs) in L. chagasi

The major surface protease (MSP) is an abundant surface metalloprotease of Leishmania spp. encoded by three distinct gene classes in Leishmania chagasi (MSPS, MSPL, MSPC). Although MSP was discovered and initially characterized in extracellular promastigotes, MSP is also expressed by obligate intracellular amastigotes. We compared MSP expression in the L. chagasi LcJ line that cycles between axenic amastigotes and promastigotes. Promastigotes express MSPS, MSPL, and two forms of MSPC RNA, whereas amastigotes only express MSPL and one MSPC transcript. Using two-dimensional immunoblots, amastigotes were found to express more than 10 MSP isoforms, similar to promastigotes. However, promastigote MSPs focus between pI 5.2 and 6.1, whereas amastigote MSP isoforms migrate at a more acidic pI. Promastigote MSP isoforms are N-glycosylated, whereas most amastigote MSPs are not. Immuno-electron microscopy showed 2/3 of total promastigote MSP is localized on the surface and 1/3 is intracellular. In contrast, most amastigote MSP is intracellular and localized at the flagellar pocket, the major site of endocytosis/exocytosis in leishmania. Alkaline carbonate treatment and high-salt washing indicated that the majority of amastigote MSP is cytosolic, whereas promastigote MSP is mostly membrane-associated. Furthermore, promastigote MSP is shed extracellularly whereas amastigote MSP is not despite the fact that MSP acts as a most active metalloprotease in both forms of the parasites. Moreover, immunoelectron microscopy indicated that MSP concentrates at this site of contact between parasite and parasitophorous vacuole (PV). We conclude that intracellular L. chagasi amastigotes express multiple MSP isoforms similar to promastigotes, but amastigote MSPs differ from promastigote MSPs biochemically, localize differently in the parasite cell. These observations suggest the abundant MSP protease plays different roles in the extracellular and intracellular environments.

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Honors and Awards

  • Iowa Art in Science Contest, 9th place, 2003; Grad/Postdoc Travel Award at annual ASBMB meeting, 200
  • Science Fair in Dominic High School, 2nd prize in chemistry, 1996; Chia-I Association scholarship, 1