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Admissions Committee

The Admissions Committee consists of 30 members: 25 faculty members, 4 students, and 1 community physician. Diversity in gender, race, faculty status, and departmental affiliation are considered when selecting new members of the committee. The Admissions Committee has all powers to admit admission offers, and carry out the objectives of the committee.

The Admissions Committee Mission

The Admissions Committee for the University of Iowa Roy J. and Lucille A. Carver College of Medicine admits students who have a genuine interest in the study and practice of medicine; show a desire and commitment to serve the public in matters of health; and who have the intellectual and conceptional skills to manage the changing scientific and technological information required by a competent physician in today's world.

Personal qualities considered by the Admissions Committee include high moral character, independent thinking, the ability to communicate and interact with others in a sensitive and caring way, the ability to maintain professionalism in stressfuls situations, and dedication to the idea of service.

Understanding the importance of the educational benefits resulting from a diverse student population and the interest by the medical profession in serving the healthcare needs of a changing American population, the Admissions Committee values each applicant's unique strengths, experiences and background.