Why Iowa?

"I have a lot of pride for my state and Iowa is a great institution. Iowa invests a lot into potential students and then even more once you become a student!"

- Sarah Eikenberry, Class of 2019

Hometown: Des Moines, Iowa


"What stood out to me in the interview process was the kindness of everybody I met: all of the students, faculty, and staff. I knew those were the kind of people I wanted to be surrounded by for the next four years!"

- Mackenzie Noonan, Class of 2020

Hometown: Robins, Iowa


"One the greatest influences on my decision to attend the Carver College of Medicine was the warm and supportive atmosphere created by the faculty and students. Questions and open discussion were encouraged throughout the interview process, and I felt like I was receiving an honest representation of what life is like at the college."

- Wade Gutierrez, Class of 2022

Hometown: Belleville, Kansas


"I chose CCOM, because I want to serve Iowa communities. I think what stood out the most to me during the interview process was how kind everyone was."

- Alex Novak, Class of 2022

Hometown: Oxford, Iowa


"I chose to attend CCOM (over an in-state, California school, I might add) for the opportunity to do an artistic project through the Humanities Distinction Track, the opportunity to learn from physicians and a varied patient population at the top medical facility in the entire state, and the kindness of just about everyone I met (and continue to meet)."

- Anne Rempel, Class of 2022

Hometown: Fresno, California


"At my interview day, multiple people mentioned that the grading system at Carver encourages student collaboration more than competition. I knew I wanted to attend a school with that kind of environment, and now that I'm here, I feel very confident that we will all become better physicians because of it."

- Shelby Bloomer, Class of 2022

Hometown: Sioux Falls, South Dakota


"I was most struck by the friendliness and excitement of the people I met on my interview day. I got the sense that the administration really listened to the students and wanted to work hard to support them. Now that I’m on rotations, I have gotten to work with so many wonderful doctors who are passionate about teaching and enjoy having students as part of the team. It’s a real  privilege to go here!"

- Noah Fryenlund, Class of 2019

Hometown: Ann Arbor, Michigan


"I had an outstanding interview experience at Carver; warm and welcoming unlike any other program.  Looking back on my first year, this program has gone above and beyond to provide a quality educational experience and a fun and positive learning environment.  Carver is my home away from home."

- Tammera Flores, Class of 2020

Hometown: Los Angeles California, UCLA