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Meet Jasmine Roghair

Jasmine RoghairHometown: Iowa City, Iowa

Undergraduate Institution: Truman State University

Undergraduate Major: Biology

Jasmine Roghair is new to the University of Iowa, but very familiar with Iowa City. Growing up in Iowa City and watching her father, Robert Roghair, MD, practice medicine may have influenced her decision to become a physician, but she selected the Carver College of Medicine for our values.

Get to know Jasmine and what she is looking forward to over the next four years.

Why do you want to be a physician?

As a physician, you interact with patients at a very unique and significant time in their life and are able to help them in a meaningful way.

Why did you decide to come to the Carver College of Medicine?

The Carver College of Medicine will provide ways for me to pursue my interests within medicine through the distinction tracks and learning communities. I will also get increased exposure and learn from great physicians at a highly-ranked teaching hospital.

What are you looking forward to most about medical school?

I am looking forward to learning the things I have always been interested in and being able to apply it in a meaningful way.

What advice would you give to those currently applying to medical school?

Job shadow, research, or volunteer somewhere you are interested in.  

Top reason you chose Iowa for medical school?

Iowa sets you up in a way to work with your peers instead of competing with them. So, the teamwork aspect and the mentality they have allows every single person to succeed.

What are some of your personal interests?

Travelling, research

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