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Meet Nathan Saxby

Nathan SaxbyHometown: Anchorage, Alaska

Undergraduate Institution: Colorado State University

Undergraduate Major: Biological Sciences

Nathan Saxby has lived all over the United States, but chose Iowa to complete medical school for the people and our values as an academic medical center. He felt welcomed and supported here by everyone he met, which guided his decision to come here.

Get to know Nathan and what he is looking forward to over the next four years.

Why do you want to be a physician?

An intensely difficult period in life led me to deep introspection. It was through this process that I found a passion for connecting with people on an intimate level, and this is what initiated my switch toward pursuing a medical career. That passion has since matured into ambition, and now it is my goal to become a physician so that I can connect with and care for people at the highest level that I can offer.

Why did you decide to come to the Carver College of Medicine?

The Carver College of Medicine was welcoming to me from the very beginning. Both the staff and students with whom I interacted with during my interview were gracious, which is a trait hard to come by in this very competitive field. It was also clear to me that the community here strived to create a supportive environment. Perhaps most importantly, however, was that CCOM’s values aligned with my own in terms of pursuing a patient-centered approach to improving healthcare.

What are you looking forward to most about medical school?

I am looking forward to learning alongside the other students here. Among them there is diversity in their perspectives and strengths, and I know they will influence me greatly as I continue this path. Everyone I have met is impressive, and I am incredibly excited to learn in an environment that will push me to achieve my best.

What advice would you give to those currently applying to medical school?

I arrived at this point after completing something of a journey, as did many of the other students. My life often deviated away from the straightforward path, and at times it was difficult to see my way back. My advice would be to never stop moving toward your destination, even if you have lost what you thought would be the quickest way there.

Top reason you chose Iowa for medical school?

CCOM is certainly the top reason that I chose Iowa for medical school, however, that is far from the only benefit to being in Iowa. Iowa City may be the most beautiful and livable place in which I have lived thus far. Affordability is a major benefit as well, one which my wife and I are very grateful for. And, so far it has proven true that people here are nicer here than most other places.

What are some of your personal interests?

Most of my hobbies relate to outdoors activities or sports: hiking, trail running, skiing, surfing, climbing, camping, canoeing, fishing, etc. I also enjoy practicing photography and binge-watching TV.

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