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Microbiology REU student wins poster award at ABRCMS

Jose Rivera Rosado imageBig congratulations go out to Juan Rivera-Rosado, who won an award for his poster presentation at the 2023 Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minoritized Students (ABRCMS), which was held in Phoenix, AZ, Nov. 15-18.  Juan is a senior majoring in Biotechnology at Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico. Last summer he spent 10 weeks conducting research in Professor David Weiss’ lab as part of our NSF-funded program, REU in Microbiology at the Host-Pathogen Interface. Juan’s poster was titled “Clostridioides difficile: identification of conserved and novel cell division proteins in an important pathogen.”   His co-authors are Ute Müh, PhD, microbiology graduate student Kevin Bollinger, Craig Ellermeier, PhD and David Weiss, PhD.

Tuesday, November 21, 2023