Fast Track PhD Program

Racing line says Finish on ground

Students with strong academic performance who are interested in a career in research are eligible for a fast-track PhD admission program in Microbiology. In this program, the last year of undergraduate study and the first year of graduate study for a PhD are merged, allowing the students to complete a PhD earlier than they would by following the usual path.

To be eligible to apply, students at the end of their fifth semester must:

  • have a GPA ≥ 3.5
  • have ≥ 88 total s.h. completed toward their degree
  • have at least three semesters of research experience completed
  • be a Microbiology major
  • have completed MICR:2157 General Microbiology and MICR:2158 General Microbiology Laboratory

Anyone with an interest in this program should contact Dr. Richard Roller ( for more information.