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Microbiology Honors Program

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Advisor: Theresa Ho, PhD

Students should meet with their undergraduate academic advisor prior to fulfilling requirements for Honors in the Major. The undergraduate advisor, the faculty research mentor, and the honors advisor must be kept aware of your progress as you complete the requirements for Honors in the Major.

Honors in Microbiology/Immunology Program requirements:

  • Maintain GPA of 3.33 minimum in the major and overall.
  • Complete 6 semester hours (s.h.) of MICR:4171 (Advanced Undergraduate Honors Research in Microbiology/Immunology).
  • Complete MICR:3145 (1 s.h.) in the final semester before graduation.
  • Give a 15-minute oral presentation at the departmental Undergraduate Research Symposium at 2:30pm on the last Friday before Finals week. Students should work extensively with their research mentor on this presentation.
  • Submit the final draft of the Research Honors Thesis. The thesis must be edited and approved by the research mentor prior to electronic submission to the honors advisor on or before the Monday of Finals week.

Timeline and Deadlines:

  • Enroll in MICR:4171 no later than two semesters prior to graduation. Registration in MICR:4171 requires the agreement of a faculty research mentor and approval by the Honors Advisor.
  • Enroll in MICR:3145 in the final semester before graduation.
  • At the beginning of the final semester before graduation, submit Degree Application and indicate Honors status.
  • Submit Thesis Introduction (edited and approved by research mentor) to Honors Advisor by March 6 (for Spring graduation) ot October 11 (for Fall graduation). 
  • On the last Friday before Finals week prior to graduation, give a 15-minute oral presentation at the Departmental Undergraduate Research Symposium at 2:30pm.
  • On or before the Monday of Finals week prior to graduation, submit the final draft of the Research Honors Thesis.

Other important points:

  • In some instances, you may be allowed to start Honors Research if your GPA is lower than 3.33 IF you can demonstrate a strong chance that your GPA will be above 3.33 upon graduation. In this case, the final decision will rest with the honors and undergraduate advisors.
  • Honors in the Microbiology major requires 6 s. h. of Honors Undergraduate Research in Microbiology MICR:4171.
    • Up to 4 s.h. of MICR:4171 may be applied to the Advanced Electives requirement for the major.
    • It is expected that the student conduct 15 to 20 hours of laboratory research per week for the successful fulfillment of Honors Research. Recommended that 6 s. h. be spread over at least 2 semesters.
    • You may NOT receive honors credit for paid research (either as a work study or through the undergraduate employment program).
    • You may hold research scholarships while conducting undergraduate research (such as the Stinski Undergraduate Research Fellowship or ICRU Undergraduate fellowship program). For scholarship or award information, go to https://honors.uiowa.edu/scholarshipsandawards .
  • MICR:3145 must be taken the final semester before graduation as a 1 s.h. course with arranged times. This course will provide guidance and constructive criticism on the written and oral presentation of the Honors research project.  Students are required to submit their thesis introduction midway through the semester. Students are required to give multiple presentations and updates of their research project to the class in preparation for their final oral presentation at the departmental Undergraduate Research Symposium.
  • Students must apply for the degree via the MyUI student portal during the semester in which all requirements will be met (final semester before graduation).  Apply to graduate through MyUI. Ensure your academic advisor knows you are Pursuing Honors in the Major and then indicate this on your degree application. Students who have earned honors in their major will be announced at commencement, and the designation will be noted on their transcript and diploma.
  • Students earning Honors in the Major are not required to be members of the University Honors Program; however, many students earn both University Honors and Honors in the Major. The UI Honors Program allows undergraduates to complete Honors in the Major for the 12 s.h. experiential learning requirement for UI Honors.


Previous Honors Undergraduates

2016/2017  Shondra Olson
Juan Pablo Munoz Gonzalez*
2017/2018 Emily Hoeper*
Page Kies
Breanna Kramer-Reiberg
Samantha Ryken
Yuxun Zhang
2018/2019 James Girsch
Evan Lamb*
Sarah Mullen
Robert Nordell
Tom Osborne
Molly Sharp
2019/2020 Graham Ausdal
Barbara Badovinac
Alix McCullough
Patrick Schwartzhoff
Alexandria Sturtz*
2020/2021 Shelby Andersen*
Lanci Bulman
Alex Dorbria
Lindsey Grady*
Molly Gunter
Nathan Schwery
Abigail Wischman

Megan Ahmann
Wesley Hanson
Micaila Kurtz*
Miranda Sturtz*
Rachel Patejak

* Stinski Undergraduate Research Fellowship Awardee