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Stinski Undergraduate Research Fellowship

The Stinski Undergraduate Research Fellowship is an endowed fund created in 2013 with proceeds from a successful patent awarded to Professor Mark F. Stinski. Professor Stinski was on the faculty of the Department of Microbiology from 1973-2011 and continues his affiliation with the Department in Emeritus status. The fellowship's purpose is to support undergraduates in pursuit of research in the field of microbiology. As a result of the generosity of Professor Stinski, the Department of Microbiology and Immunology is able to provide one fellowship each year.


  • Stipend of $1049.00/month for up to 12 months
  • Fall and spring tuition scholarship for the stipend period
  • One (1) fellowship per year


  • Must be an undergraduate student seeking first baccalaureate degree in Microbiology.
  • Must have a minimum 3.0 UI and cumulative GPA.
  • Must be enrolled as a full-time student during the application period.
  • Must continue full-time as an undergraduate student in Microbiology the year of the award.
  • Must have at least Junior status at the time of application with one full year until completion of degree
  • At the time of application, applicants must have arranged with a Microbiology faculty mentor for undergraduate research in their laboratory during the award period.
  • Must enroll in undergraduate research (MICR:4161 or MICR:4171) for not less than three credit hours per semester during the fellowship period.
  • Continuation of the award into the second semester is contingent on receiving a grade of B or better in the research course.
  • May not undertake other employment paid by the Department of Microbiology during the term of the fellowship.
  • Must present at the spring Microbiology Undergraduate Poster Session during the year of award.

Application Requirements:

  • Complete the online application.
  • One letter of recommendation from a science instructor. 
  • Identification of student’s mentor for the fellowship period the student will be working in their lab during the fellowship period.
  • If the student's letter of recommendation comes from their proposed mentor, then that single letter can serve both purposes.


  • This scholarship is not renewable.

Previous Awardees:

2014-15 Elizabeth Mueller
2015-16 Erika Feutz
2016-17 Juan Pablo Munoz Gonzalez
2017-18 Emily Hoeper
2017-18 Vishual Perera
2018-19 Evan Lamb
2019-20 Alexandria Sturtz
2020-21 Shelby Andersen
2020-21 Lindsey Grady
2021-22 Micaila Kurtz
2021-22 Miranda Sturtz
2022-23 Joseph Kesteloot
2023-24 Olivia Fortman
2024-25 Chris Ceplecha

The 2025-26 application will be available in Fall 2025; please be sure to return for details. 

Direct questions about the fellowship to Professor Aloysius Klingelhutz.