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Françoise Gourronc

Assistant Research Scientist, Klingelhutz LaboratoryFrançoise Gourronc
Email: francoise-gourronc@uiowa.edu



My work focuses on developing molecular tools and human cell-based models to study tissue-specific responses to toxic compounds, bacterial or viral infections.



1990 B.S Microbiology and Cell biology University of Rennes I (France)

1992 MS Biotechnology (1992) University of Rouen (France)

1998 PhD in Biochemistry (1998) University of Reims (France)


Professional background

1992–1994 Research Investigator (R&D Bioprocess)
ARD innovation in green (France)

1998–1999 Postdoctoral Teaching Assistant (ATER)
University of Reims (France)

1999–2001 Postdoctoral Fellow Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology (Pr.J.S. Malter MD)
(Epilepsy, Early response genes, Molecular Biology, RNA binding factors, RNA stability
University of Wisconsin, Madison

2001–2002 Postdoctoral Fellow Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology (Pr.R.S. Hartley PhD)
(Cell Cycle, Molecular Biology, RNA binding factors, RNA stability)
University of Iowa, Iowa City

2002–present Assistant Research Scientist
University of Iowa, Iowa City



Pubmed link use GOURRONC F 

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