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Control of Lymphocyte Fate, Infection, and Tumor Immunity by TCF-1


T cell factor-1 (TCF-1) acts as a transcription factor and histone deacetylase (HDAC) in both mouse and humans to shape innate and adaptive immunity.

Expression of TCF-1 is necessary for the development of ILC progenitor cells in mouse bone marrow.

In murine T cell development, TCF-1 is critical for ETP development, commitment to the CD4+ T cell lineage, and stabilization of CD8+ T cells by suppressing alternative fate differentiation.

Increased TCF-1 expression is important for the development of central memory CD8+ T cells that provide long-term protection following acute viral infection in mice.

TCF-1 is critical for the development of Tex-stem cells that replenish Tex-term cells following chronic viral infection and in response to tumor formation. The presence of Tex-stem cells can be predictive of good prognosis in various cancer types and help to mediate patient responses to ICB.

  • Raghu D, Xue HH, Mielke LA.