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Temporally Evolving and Context-Dependent Functions of Cytokines That Regulate Murine Anti- Plasmodium Humoral Immunity


Protective immunity against blood-stage Plasmodium infection and the disease malaria depends on antibodies secreted from high-affinity B cells selected during the germinal center (GC) response. The induction and stability of the GC response require the activation and direct cell-cell communication between parasite-specific CD4 helper T cells and B cells. However, cytokines secreted by helper T cells, B cells, and multiple other innate and adaptive immune cells also contribute to regulating the magnitude and protective functions of GC-dependent humoral immune responses. Here, we briefly review emerging data supporting the finding that specific cytokines can exhibit temporally distinct and context-dependent influences on the induction and maintenance of antimalarial humoral immunity.

  • Fionna A Surette, Noah S Butler