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The Tumor Suppressor Protein TRAF3 Modulates GSK3 Activity and Susceptibility of B Lymphoma Cells to GSK3 Inhibition


TRAF3 is an adapter protein that regulates signals through many receptors important for B cell differentiation and function. Loss-of-function mutations or deletions of TRAF3 are common in B cell malignancies. Glycogen Synthase Kinase 3 (GSK3) regulates signaling in growth, survival, and metabolism pathways. GSK3 inhibitors have been effective against many solid tumors; the inhibitor used in this work is currently being tested for efficacy against BCLs. We found that TRAF3 and GSK3 associate in multiple BCL cell lines, and that BCLs with low TRAF3 have a higher susceptibility to GSK3 inhibition. In contrast to BCL cell lines, GSK3 inhibition has little effect on TRAF3-sufficient and deficient resting primary B cells. These results suggest TRAF3 level as a predictor of BCL responsiveness to GSK3 inhibitor therapy.

  • Emma L. Hornick, Laura L. Stunz, Shakoora Sabree, Xiaosheng Wu, Thomas E. Witzig and Gail A. Bishop