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Irving P. Crawford Memorial Lecture

The Irving P. Crawford Memorial Lecture is held to honor the memory of Irving P. Crawford, MD.

Irving received his bachelor's degree and Doctor of Medicine degree from Stanford University, and in 1959, was appointed Assistant Professor at Case Western Reserve Medical School. In 1965 he joined the Microbiology Department at Scripps Clinic and Research Foundation in La Jolla, CA. From 1977 to 1989, Irving served as head of the Department of Microbiology of the University of Iowa College of Medicine. During his tenure, a foundation was laid for the growth and development of the Microbiology Department of the present and the future. Irving’s research interests focused on the genetic structure and metabolic function of the tryptophan operon, initially in E. coli. Irving’s interests broadened to the genetics of tryptophan biosynthesis in other microorganisms, leading to important insights into microbial evolution and operon regulation. Irving was a member of many professional societies, including the American Society for Microbiology, American Society for Biological Chemists and the Genetics Society of America. He served on numerous editorial boards including Archives of Biochemistry andMolecular Biology and Evolution, and as editor for Genetics and the Journal of Clinical Laboratory Analysis. Irving also served on numerous national committees for the National Institutes of Health, American Society for Microbiology and American Cancer Society.

Past lectures:

Vanessa Sperandio, PhD, University of Wisconsin-Madison, May 19, 2023
"The Highs and Lows of Enteric Infections"

David Rudner, PhD, Harvard Medical School, September 27, 2022
"How Gram-positive bacteria monitor their cell walls for defects and catalyze their repair"

Jeffrey I. Gordon, MD, Washington University School of Medicine, November 28, 2017
"The Gut Microbiota and Childhood Undernutrition: looking at human developmental biology from a microbial perspective"

William Goldman, PhD, University of North Carolina, August 27, 2013
"The Progression of Pneumonic Plague"

Howard C. Berg, PhD, Harvard University, September 21, 2010
"Marvels of Bacterial Behavior"

Carol A. Gross, PhD, University of California, San Francisco, October 28, 2008
"Dissecting Genetic Circuits and Intercompartmental Communication in Bacteria"

John Mekalanos, PhD, Harvard Medical School, November 5, 2002
"Functional Analysis of the Vibrio cholerae Genome"

Lucy Shapiro, PhD, Stanford University School of Medicine, November 10, 1999
"Protein Localization Plays a Critical Role in Cell Cycle Regulation"

Richard Kolodner, PhD, Harvard University, November 10, 1994
"Yeast and Human Mutator Genes and Their Relationship to Cancer"

Paul Berg, PhD, Stanford University, November 9, 1992
"Modifications of Specific Chromosomal Loci by Recombination in Eukaryotic Cells"

Charles Yanofsky, PhD, Stanford University, November 19, 1990
"Gene Expression: Regulation and More Regulation"