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MSTP Associated Faculty

The MSTP is no longer maintaining an official MSTP Faculty list.  Current student thesis mentors and rotation mentors are listed on the Faculty or Thesis & Rotation Mentors page.  We invite all faculty to become involved in the MSTP.

Carver College of Medicine & Graduate College PhD Programs:

Biochemistry Faculty

Biomedical Science Program Faculty (BSP)

Cancer Biology Faculty (BSP subprogram)

Cell & Developmental Biology Faculty (BSP subprogram)

Experimental Pathology Faculty  (BSP subprogram)

Free Radical & Radiation Biology Faculty (BSP subprogram)

Genetics Faculty

Human Toxicology Faculty

Immunology Faculty

Microbiology Faculty

Molecular Medicine Faculty (BSP subprogram)

Molecular Physiology & Biophysics Faculty (BSP subprogram)

Neuroscience Faculty

Pharmacology Faculty (BSP subprogram)


College of Engineering PhD Programs:

Biomedical Engineering Faculty

Chemical & Biochemical Engineering Faculty


College of Public Health PhD Programs:

Biostatistics Faculty

Epidemiology Faculty