MSTP Learning Communities

Carver College of Medicine (CCOM) learning communities are designed to enhance student activities and build vertical relationships among students in the general medical schoolol class. Upon entering medical school, MSTP students are randomly assigned to one of four learning communities (Bean, Boulware, Flocks, or McCowen), joining a larger community of medical students in all four years. Learning communities sponsor formal and informal activities focused on professional skills acquisition, leadership development, team building, wellness promotion, service, and cultural competency. These CCOM learning communities extend into the MSTP training. The MSTP sponsors learning communities that are directed by early career physician-scientist faculty members who are graduates of the U of Iowa MSTP. The MSTP learning community directors have first-hand knowledge of navigating the physician scientist career path and are well positioned to support current trainees. MSTP Learning Committees meet twice each semester to promote wellbeing and professional development. Our goal is to further foster community within the MSTP and provide additional opportunities for mentorship between current trainees and our newly minted physician scientists.

Bean MSTP Learning Community

Aaron Boes, MD, PhD

Nanmeng Yu, MD, PhD

Flocks MSTP Learning Community

Martha Carvour, MD, PhD

Ben Darbro, MD, PhD

Boulware MSTP Learning Community

Jeremy Sandgren MD, PhD

Jenn Streeter, MD, PhD

McCowen MSTP Learning Community

Ali Jabbari, MD, PhD

Aislinn Williams, MD, PhD