Graduate Programs Affiliated with the MSTP

The MSTP faculty mentors are drawn from all over the University of Iowa. Because we have faculty in so many departments and programs, we are able to open these avenues to our students in their graduate phase. We have mentors in the applied health sciences, biomedical and life sciences, engineering, and physical sciences. This means we have faculty in not only the Carver College of Medicine but from the Colleges of Engineering, Public Health, Pharmacy, and Liberal Arts & Sciences. The MSTP is also affiliated with the nearly all of the Interdisciplinary Graduate Programs on Campus. This broad selection of potential research laboratories allows individual students to choose the most appropriate thesis laboratory for their own interests and skills.

This is a list of current affiliated graduate programs.  We are open to adding additional programs as students express interest.

Carver College of Medicine & Graduate College PhD Programs:

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Biomedical Science Program (BSP)

Cancer Biology (BSP subprogram)

Cell & Developmental Biology (BSP subprogram)

Experimental Pathology (BSP subprogram

Free Radical & Radiation Biology (BSP subprogram)


Human Toxicology



Molecular Medicine (BSP subprogram)

Molecular Physiology & Biophysics (BSP subprogram)


Pharmacology (BSP subprogram)

College of Engineering PhD Programs:

Biomedical Engineering

Chemical & Biochemical Engineering

College of Public Health PhD Programs:


Community and Behavioral Health