Harold Adams, MD, receives 2017 AB Baker Lifetime Achievement Award from AAN

Dr. Harold Adams was recently awarded the 2017 A. B. Baker Award for Lifetime Achievement in Neurologic Education.  The A. B. Baker award is for lifetime career achievements in the field of neurologic education with an emphasis on national accomplishments.  Candidates exhibit leadership, creativity, and scholarship, and the their neurological education activities include significant work in the AAN.  Congratulations Dr. Adams.


Please find a recording of the Grand Rounds Lecture that Dr. Adams gave on our website (Only Neurology faculty and staff may view at this time, alumni can also view upon request)

Transcribed (due to lack of microphone) Introduction from Laurie Gutmann:

"Welcome to Neurology Grand Rounds, It's my pleasure to introduce someone that I know none of you know, Dr. Harold Adams, he has been here since 1976 on faculty, although he also did his training here, with an interruption while he was on service in the Philippines.  I got to introduce this talk at the American Academy of Neurology, because it just so happened that I was the director for the ABPN Life Education Session, and this year Dr. Adams won the lifetime achievement in education award.  This award goes to one person each year, and has been won by other, just as esteemed or maybe not as esteemed as Dr. adams - (Dr. Adams "Or More Esteemed" (laughing)).  But anyway, the way you get nominated is, you have to be nominated by people of world repute, and there were 3 letters of nomination that were reviewed in Dr. Adams packet, and there's usually a two year lag, so this was a couple years ago and I only knew him then for a short time.  I was impressed at the thought that was put into the letters for Dr. Adam's nomination, from people who had been medical students here, and left and returned, and people who did residency here, and left and returned.  And all of them said the same thing, which is also evidenced by, when I first came to interview here, and I went into Harold's office, and I looked at the wall, and if you haven't been in his office, from the ceiling to the floor there are 2 rows of teaching awards on the wall, and, is it two rows or is it three now?  (Dr. Adams "No, it's two"), the two rows of teaching awards that were really reflected in the letters.  People talked about how he helped them not only understand Neurology, but enjoy Neurology, and I think all of us over the years who have been trained here have benefited from Dr. Adams' teaching, and on that note, I will let you give your talk, unless you want to tell more stories?  (Dr. Adams, "No I won't tell any more stories about Laurie" (laughing)),  No I meant stories about you (laughing)."