International Outreach Program covered by KCRG

A recent news story appeared in KCRG's website highlighting a new International Outreach Program at the University of Iowa Department of Neurology.  Please see the following news story for a first hand look at the program:

The following is a message from Neurologist and Endovascular Neurosurgeon Dr. Edgar Samaniego, who helped spearhead this initiative:

"This program started when I became part of the University of Iowa Family because of my close ties with Ecuador.  The main idea is to proctor, support and collaborate with physicians in developing countries in treating complex neuroendovascular diseases.  Dr. Ortega and myself have performed 4 visits to Ecuador in the last 2 years and have treated 23 patients with complex and life-threatening neurovascular conditions.   We provide our expertise, bring donated materials and devices and perform surgeries with the support of the local doctors.   We believe it is a moral responsibility to train doctors abroad in treating stroke."

Edgar Samaniego, MD, MS


Santiago Ortega-Gutierrez, MD, MSc

Friday, May 19, 2017