Stoppelmoor-Adams Stroke Education and Research Fund

The Stoppelmoor-Adams Stroke Education and Research Fund seeks an endowment for a named chair/professor in vascular neurology at the University of Iowa. In addition, funds are used to support pilot research, as well as help recruit and retain the very best Stroke research clinicians. The most recent support was for studies on the impact of helicopter-related factors on clot lysis following administration of thrombolytic agents.  The fund also supports the annual Stoppelmoor lecture when a distinguished leader in stroke research is invited.

To donate to the fund, please visit the UI Center for Advancement's page where you can specifically donate to this and related funds.

The lectures to date are:

  • 2018-Lauren Sansing, MD, Yale University
  • 2017-Pooja Khatri, MD,MSc, University of Cincinnati
  • 2016-Lori Jordan, MD, Vanderbilt University
  • 2015-Steven Cramer, MD, University of California Irvine
  • 2014- Bart M Demaerschalk, MD, Mayo Clinic Scottsdale
  • 2013-Patricia Davis, MD, University of Iowa
  • 2012- Heather Fullerton, MD, UCSF
  • 2011-Michael Froehler, MD, PhD, University of Iowa
  • 2010-Constantino Iadecola, MD, Columbia University
  • 2009-Philip Gorelick, MD ,University of Illinois
  • 2008-Jefferey Saver, MD, UCLA
  • 2007-J.P. Mohr, MD, Columbia University
  • 2006-David Hess, MD, Medical College of Georgia
  • 2005-William Powers, MD, Washington University St Louis
  • 2004-Michael Johnston, MD, Johns Hopkins University