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John Stark Profile Picture 

John Stark, MBA, MS

Clinical Department Administrator

Office: 8820-11 JPP

Email: john-stark@uiowa.edu 

Phone: 319-356-8714 

Austin Kannegieter Profile Picture

Austin Kannegieter, BSN, RN, MBA, CNRN

RN Clinic Manager

Office: 2180-G RCP

Voalte: 80158

Margaret Gassmann Profile Picture

Margaret Gassmann, MSN, RN

Assistant Nurse Manager 

Darcy McDougal Profile Picture

Darcy McDougal

Clinic Services Coordinator 

Heather Clement Profile Picture

Heather Clement, MBA

Academic Clinical Program Management Associate

Email: heather-clement@uiowa.edu 

Phone: 319-467-8055

Lucy Fasano profile picture

Lucy Fasano, MA

Academic Clinical Program Management Associate

Office: S713 GH

Email: lucy-fasano@uiowa.edu

Phone: 319-384-9669

Caroline Martin Profile Picture

Caroline Martin, MA

Education Manager

Office: S706 GH

Email: caroline-martin@uiowa.edu 

Phone: 319-356-8752 

Heather Youngquist 

HR Manager

Office: 8820-7 JPP

Email: heather-youngquist@uiowa.edu 

Phone: 319-678-3260