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Support the Department

We receive $5 million annually in grants from the National Institutes of Health to pursue our research goals. We also have the largest NIH-funded center in the world devoted to cochlear implant clinical research and the only NIH clinical center for the study of cochlear implant technologies.

Another noteworthy example includes a recent five-year, $11 million grant renewal from the Iowa Cochlear Implant Clinical Research Center. This renewal will allow the UI Hospitals and Clinics Department of Otolaryngology to continue to be one of the world’s premier centers for cochlear implant clinical research.

In order to meet new challenges and seize new opportunities in the otolaryngology field, we also rely on donations made through the University of Iowa Foundation. Donors have the option of giving a gift specifically to the Head and Neck Surgery Fund, the Cleft Lip and Palate Surgical Research Fund, the Cochlear Implant Research Fund, the Hearing Research Fund, and the Head and Neck Oncology Fund.

To learn more and donate today, please visit: https://www.givetoiowa.org/GiveToIowa/WebObjects/GiveToIowa.woa/wa/goTo?area=OTO