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Cochlear Implants

Cochlear implants

We were the world’s first cochlear implant center to develop a new type of cochlear implant that combines residual acoustic hearing with cochlear implant technology that provides improved word understanding and near-normal appreciation of music.

Specialists working in the Iowa Cochlear Implant Center offer support to pediatric and adult cochlear implant patients. This support includes initial diagnostic evaluations to determine candidacy, proper fitting of the cochlear implant and continual follow-up support to ensure that the greatest benefit is derived from the cochlear implant.

In an attempt to better understand cochlear implant performance levels, the Iowa cochlear implant team has proposed innovative research protocols that have led to many research milestones. 

Cochlear Implant Research

Spatial Hearing Questionnaires-Translated into several different languages

Cochlear Implant Clinic-UIHC