Hyperacusis emphasizes reactions to moderately-loud sounds as very loud, annoying, fearful, and/or painful.

• Hyperacusis affects approximately 6-17% of the general public
• Misophonia and select sound sensitivity are other terms that have been used to describe hyperacusis.  Hyperacusis is a more general term and typically easier to interpret

Hyperacusis Measurement 

   - English/Spanish Translation by Gisela Cram

Hyperacusis Treatment Activities for Clinician and Researchers

PDF icon Hyperacusis Treatment Activities 

  • Hyperacusis Activities Treatment is counseling program that includes education about hyperacusis, counseling on reactions to hyperacusis, and treatments to relieve symptoms such as sound therapy, medications, and relaxation exercises. The activities treatment is modified from Tinnitus Activities Treatment.
  • Hyperacusis Activities Treatment uses picture-based counseling and has several advantages for hyperacusis management, including:
    • The session proceeds in an orderly fashion
    • The clinician does not overlook important concepts
    • It is easier for the patient to understand concepts
    • Treatment can be easily used by other clinicians
    • Sessions can be adapted to the needs and interests of the patient
  • These slides can be presented in one-1 hour session, or presented over several sessions. We typically begin therapy for a new patient with hyperacusis in one session and review as needed.