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Spatial Hearing Questionnaires for Cochlear Implants

Spatial Hearing Questionnaire

The Spatial Hearing Questionnaire is a self-report tool for patients with cochlear implants and/or hearing aids that encompasses situations where binaural hearing is emphasized.  The questionnaire consists of 24 items that are scored from 0-100 and utilizes eight sub-scales representing questions pertaining to the perception of male, female, and children’s voices, music in quiet, source localization, understanding speech in quiet, and understanding speech in noise.  A total score is derived from the average responses from all 24 items.

  The Spatial Hearing Questionnaire was developed and psychometrically measured by Richard Tyler and colleagues, 2009.  For clinicians who would like to use this questionnaire, it is provided as a downloadable document in an Excel spreadsheet format.

Each document contains the Spatial Hearing Questionnaire and a scoring component.  The scoring component can be found on the downloaded Excel document by clicking on the "scoring" tab near the bottom of the spreadsheet page.

Translations of these questionnaires are available in a growing number of languages.


Spatial Hearing Questionnaires