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2018 and 2019 Frank A. Mitros Excellence in Teaching and Clinical Service Award

September 6, 2019

Drs. Schlueter and Moore

The Frank A. Mitros Excellence in Teaching and Clinical Service Award was established in 2012 in honor of Dr. Mitros, who was also the first recipient.   As you may remember, Bob Robinson (2013), Nancy Rosenthal (2014), Matt Krasowski (2015), Chris Jensen (2016) and Laila Dahmoush (2017) have been subsequent winners. The award is intended to recognize a faculty member who "provides outstanding performance in both the clinical and educational missions" of the Department, as nominated by his/her faculty peers.

On Tuesday, August 27th we honored the 2018 and 2019 award recipients, Dr. Annette Schlueter (2018) and Dr. Steven Moore (2019). Dr. Mitros was here to present the awards and shared the following remarks submitted by their peers:

Dr. Schlueter has been nominated by her peers several years in a row and is extraordinarily dedicated to patient care and resident/fellow education. She is directing a rapidly evolving area with many new protocols such as CarT cells and spends extra time while on service to sit down with trainees and discuss a topic of their choice. While not in her field, I am specifically nominating her as I feel that her humble demeanor sometimes does not get her the credit that she richly deserves.

Dr. Moore is unquestionably outstanding in both domains and would be a most deserving recipient. He has made Iowa a name synonymous with muscle pathology through his clinical work (and research). He is one of a handful of muscle pathologists around the world who gets sent the most complex cases for consultation. He has an uncanny ability to recall former cases. When unusual diagnoses come up, it is not uncommon for him to recall a case from his residency in the 1980s and then be able to pull a slide to teach morphology along with the history of the disease. He is invested and engaged at the highest level as a mentor and teacher.

Congratulations Dr. Schlueter and Dr. Moore! We highly value your contribution and dedication to the teaching and clinical service missions of the department and institution.