As a field, Pathology sits at the intersection of fundamental laboratory science and its translation into clinical medicine. The UI Department of Pathology is home to a broad array of research activities that span the spectrum from basic science to disease-oriented research to patient-oriented and population-based research. We conscientiously promote a rich, nurturing environment for all our learners (undergraduate, masters and PhD students, postdoctoral fellows as well as clinical residents and fellows) to pursue a variety of research projects with our world-class faculty. We also have a strong mentorship program for junior faculty as they traverse the initial years as independent investigators. Our research enterprise enjoys excellent administrative and technical support at all levels.

The research focus of our laboratory-based principal investigators is predominantly in two broad areas of strength: immunology and cancer biology (with overlap). This includes research in basic T- and B-cell biology, infectious disease immunology, autoimmunity (including neuroimmunology), cancer immune microenvironment, biology of hematolymphoid neoplasia and solid tumors (including breast cancer and sarcomas). We also have programs in muscle pathophysiology (through participation in the Wellstone Center) and in stroke pathogenesis. Importantly, our clinical and research faculty collaborate across the institution in various areas of science. A prime example of that is our Division of Comparative Pathology, which also houses our histology research laboratory.

The Pathology department has a strong commitment toward building our research enterprise, with ongoing recruitment for Physician-Scientists at all stages of their career and well-established researchers that qualify for our Endowed Chair positions in Immunology and Cancer research. We welcome inquiries and applications.