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Alex Boyden wins poster competition at CCOM Research Health Sciences Research Week

April 23, 2018

Alex Boyden Receiving Award

Alex Boyden is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Nitin Karandikar's laboratory.  Alex submitted a poster entitled "Neuroantigen-specific CD8 T cells inhibit ongoing demyelinating disease by autoregulating CD4 T cell responses using temporally distinct IFNγ- and perforin-dependent mechanisms" which was selected as a most outstanding entry for the Carver College of Medicine Health Sciences Research Week poster competition. The research described shows that CD8 T cells recognizing myelin antigens use an ordered effector program over a number of days in vivo to suppress neuroantigen-specific CD4 T cell-driven inflammation and can effectively treat ongoing demyelinating disease in mice. This research was funded by grant awards from the NIH, National MS Society, and US Department of Veterans Affairs.

Alex Boyden with this poster