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ASCLS - IA Winners

May 25, 2016

UIHC Department of Pathology / ASCLS - IA Winners

Every year ASCLS-IA recognizes individuals, whom have been deemed by their peers as showing outstanding service and dedication to their profession, co-workers and patients. Members are asked to submit a nomination form detailing why they feel these individuals should be recognized. Once the nominations have been submitted they are reviewed and voted on by the Nomination committee.

Phlebotomist of the Year:

Michelle Kennedy received Phlebotomist of the Year Award. This award serves to recognize the phlebotomists who are both the legs and the public face of the lab. The quality of our lab testing depends a great deal on their skills. Plus a patient’s impression of the laboratory and of laboratorians is mostly determined by his or her interaction with the phlebotomist.

Pictured above left to right: Michelle Kennedy (award recipient), Ceasura Hedlund, AS (supervisor), Joseph Bowling, AA, AS, BA (supervisor).

Key to the Future:

This award recognizes and rewards ASCLS members who have demonstrated their leadership potential to the organization. This year’s ASCLS-IA Key to the Future Recipient is: Becky Dill-Devor, MLS(ASCP), Supervisor – Iowa River Landing.

Special Recognition:

To recognize an individual or individuals who do not fit into one of the fore mention categories but have provided significant service and dedication to our profession.

‘A Special Team’ - This group is the epitome of the word ‘teamwork’. Not only do they work together as a cohesive group on a daily basis, but they unselfishly and consistently make sure they backup each other to ensure that our schedule is always covered. I never lack for volunteers to extend shifts, pick up extra shifts and take ‘on call’. Their commitment to the care of our patients is unequalled. They treat every patient with respect and courtesy; they work with the patient care areas to ensure that all testing requests are completed and questions answered. Their skills are second to none as evidenced by the appreciation our patients have expressed for the ease and ‘pain-free’ phlebotomy draws they have experienced at IRL. The atmosphere they create by their professional demeanor gives every patient confidence and helps solidify the reputation of IRL as a place of healing and care. 70% of the treatment decisions made by providers are based on test results. The phlebotomy team is the unsung hero of the laboratory system; without their ability to get the right samples for the testing ordered, those test results would not be available for the providers. They deserve to be recognized as a key component in the care of our patients and the success of the enterprise.

This year’s special recognition goes to the IRL Phlebotomy team:

Seated front row (left to right): Hend Elgazzar, Adi Kashef, Laila Bashir
Standing back row (left to right): Abir Mohamed, Inam Abdelkareem, Linda Mather, Gehan Elgazar

Membership Milestones:

David Parsons, AAS, MLS(ASCP) - 5 years

Omicron Sigma:

First awarded in 1977, Omicron Sigma is the ASCLS President's Honor Roll for Outstanding Service. It provides lasting recognition of those dedicated members who volunteer their personal resources, time and energy to the ASCLS. Recognition is at three levels: national, regional, and constituent society. This allows constituent society presidents, regional directors, and the ASCLS President to recognize members for outstanding service.

National - Theresa Fruehling, National ASCLS Chair of the Board of Trustees for the Political Action Committee (PAC) and ASCLS National Government Affairs Committee Mentor for New Professionals and Students