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Badovinac Lab Wins Multiple Trainee Awards

December 9, 2016

Derek Danahy, Matthew Martin and Isaac Jensen

Derek Danahy received the Graduate College Post-Comprehensive Research Award for the Spring 2017 semester. This award provides post-comprehensive exam students with beneficial time to conduct dissertation research. Derek’s research is further elucidating the numerical and functional alterations of memory CD8 T cells during the state of immunoparalysis after sepsis induction.

Matthew Martin is a recipient of the Department of Health and Human Services Public Health Service Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award 4T32AI007260. Matthew has been working as a postdoctoral research scholar in the laboratory of Vladimir Badovinac since defending his Ph.D. thesis at the University of Iowa in December of 2015. As a postdoctoral scholar, Matthew is examining the biology of CD8 T cells as it relates to protection against infectious disease. His areas of focus include examining time-dependent and antigen stimulation history-dependent alterations in memory CD8 T cell function, memory CD8 T cell-mediated protection against re-infection in outbred vs inbred hosts, and transcriptional regulation of memory CD8 T cell phenotype and function.

Isaac Jensen is one of the recipients of the University of Iowa NIH T32 AI007485, "Predoctoral Training Program in Immunology." He is a second year student in the Immunology Graduate Program. His work in the Badovinac laboratory is in regard to how sepsis impacts Natural Killer cells.