Bradley Ford, MD, PhD and Katherine L. Imborek, MD Receive Innovations in Clinical Care Award


Katherine Imborek, portrait
Katherine Imborek, MD
Bradley Ford, portrait
Bradley Ford, MD PhD

Ambulatory Response to COVID-19 was an innovative plan developed and successfully implemented by The UI Community Clinic leadership team, led by Dr. Katie Imborek, to respond to the Covid-19 Pandemic through telemedicine visits and a new expansive “respiratory illness clinic”. This pre-defined escalation of care pathway improved efficiencies for the patient, communication amongst the various teams, decompressed the Emergency Department, and kept patients out of the hospital. The innovative ILI Telemedicine started March 10, 2020, just 7 days after the idea was approved, which is a testament to the tireless work of HCIS, PAC, and our clinical leaders, and the ILI Clinic opened in the Family Medicine Clinic March 12, 2020.


The UIHC Clinical Microbiology team, under the medical leadership of Dr. Bradley Ford, has done an amazing job in the COVID crisis. In talking with people at other similar institutions, it is clear that the Clinical Microbiology team has done an incredible effort under difficult circumstances.

The effort includes the following from UI Community Clinics: Elizabeth Jaggers, Rachel Kirchner, Debbie Herold, Robert Linnell, Elizabeth Highland, Katie Bulin, Brittany Wanninger, Katie Schaier, Katie Burrell, Rebecca McQuillen, Bekka Cappussi, as well as Neil Christiansen and Keri Semrau of UI Patient Access Center and Cory Pfab, Kaitlyn Merck, Becca Miner, and Brack Bingham from HCIS.

The following from the Clinical Microbiology and Molecular Pathology Teams contributed to the success of this program: Connie Floerchinger, Jean Jennings, Wanita Howard, Lisa Blake, Bob Rotzell, Aaron Stence, Lauren Cooper, Tom Preston, Michelle Knock, Whitney Barnhart, Miriam Arif, Sarah Costello, Kristin Dolgos, Cindy Harms, Jeff Kirby, Lyndsey Headington, Joyce Sanderson, Angie Schmueker, Jessica Kokjohn, Jon Pruessner, Heidi Nobiling, Meredith Parsons, Catherine Krahe-Daly, Lisa Horning, Elizabeth, Leiffert, Jim Ross, Gabe Young, Liz Schulz, Sarah Hornberg, Stacey Klutts, Todd Gillihan, Jon Maakstadt, Bill Ganschow, and Aaron Bossler.

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Thursday, October 29, 2020