Craig Dunseth, MD and Angela Wu, MD will serve as Co-Chief Residents for 2016-17

April 21, 2016

When asked to describe the role of a chief resident, Craig Dunseth, MD and Angela Wu, MD both use terms like “facilitator”, “leader”, and “motivator”.  Since assuming Pathology Co-Chief Resident roles on April 1, they have already had several opportunities to see the importance of these traits in their work. From reorganizing the rotation schedule (changing it from 5.5 to 4 weeks) to planning farewell and orientation events to determining speakers for resident conferences, Angela and Craig have undertaken an ambitious agenda to continue improving the residency program. Other goals for this year include:

  • standardizing  the cross-coverage policy,
  • reviewing and updating departmental sources of information used by current and prospective residents, and
  • continuing to build the Wednesday morning resident slide session,  a valuable educational opportunity created by past co-chiefs Amelia Fierro-Fine, MD and Matt Keeney, MD.

As stated above, the work of past chiefs has formed a strong foundation for our new co-chiefs. Craig and Angela cite Matt & Amelia’s strides in recruitment, the call schedule, and overall resident communication as successes they hope to continue in their tenure.