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Dr. Chris Jensen wins the Frank A. Mitros Award

Mitros AwardAugust 24, 2016

Chris Jensen, Clinical Professor of Pathology, received the “Frank A. Mitros Excellence in Teaching and Clinical Service Award” in early August. This award is presented annually to a clinical faculty member who provides outstanding performance in both the clinical and educational missions of the Department after nomination by peers.

One of Dr. Jensen’s nominators stated that “he has gone above and beyond in education, continuing to lead the residency program and improve the educational experience for the trainees. He is responsive to their needs and has made significant changes that are good for the program. He has done this despite the fact that being the director is not his first passion. He also runs an excellent cytopathology service which is responsive to the clinicians and needs of the institution. Chris is quiet but extremely thoughtful and caring. He is an excellent diagnostician and we are lucky to have him on faculty”.

Dr. Mitros said that he has “known and worked with Chris Jensen since the time that he was a resident in our Department. He is a true exemplar of the kind of person for whom the award is meant. He is an accomplished diagnostic pathologist, one who is multi-talented (Cytopathology, General Surgical Pathology, and GI and Liver pathology). While this commitment can consume a vast amount of time, Chris has gone beyond that with his commitment to Education. The most obvious is his guiding the Residency program. Less obvious, but of great importance, is the day to day teaching – of residents, externs, and students – as well as of our clinical colleagues (both in the conference situation and when dealing with individual cases). This type of commitment by Chris and many others over the years gives our Department an unwavering kind of strength.”

We are thankful and honored to have such a valued clinician and teacher working alongside us.

Congratulations, Dr. Jensen!