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Dr. Gary Baumbach Appointed Professor Emeritus

July 24, 2019

Dr. Gary Baumbach

Dr. Gary Baumbach has retired from the University of Iowa Department of Pathology after more than 45 years at the University of Iowa, 34 as a member of the neuropathology faculty.  Prior to his Assistant Professor appointment in 1985, Dr. Baumbach was a medical student, pathology extern, ophthalmology resident, research fellow, and neuropathology fellow.  While his service responsibilities included general neuropathology and autopsy pathology, his primary focus was research related to the cerebral microcirculation. Over Dr. Baumbach's career, he made important contributions to understanding the effects of hypertension on cerebral arterioles.  We salute Dr. Baumbach for continuously funding his research laboratory for nearly 30 years.  We wish him a very happy and well-earned retirement.