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Dr. Leslie Bruch wins the 2021 Frank A. Mitros Award

Dr. Leslie Bruch

Leslie Bruch, Clinical Professor of Pathology, has received the “Frank A. Mitros Excellence in Teaching and Clinical Service Award”. This award is presented annually to a clinical faculty member who provides outstanding performance in both the clinical and educational missions of the Department based on nomination by faculty peers.

One of Dr. Bruch’s nominators wrote: “I think Leslie is very deserving of this honor as a consummate teacher and clinician.  I have seen the absolute dedication Leslie shows to everything she does, and one of her passions clearly lies in teaching and mentoring.  Not only has Leslie been dedicated to the education of residents as the Residency Program Director for many years, but also, of course, her dedication extends broadly to trainees and faculty at every level.”; “Leslie is one of the best career and life mentors we have in the department.  She always has an open door for medical students, externs, residents, and peers to give guidance in whatever area is needed.  Personally, I have greatly benefited from having her mentorship, and I know I am not alone.  She also runs the Faculty Development program with absolute skill and foresight into the topics that are needed for support of junior faculty members.”; “When Leslie is on service, she is careful and skilled at diagnosis, and the neurosurgeons and neuro-oncologists see her as a “go-to” person to ask questions from.  Even when she wasn’t practicing regularly, many neurosurgeons would email or call her directly to ask her opinion on one of their cases.”

Another nomination read: “For as far back as I’ve been associated with the department (2008) I can recall feeling an immense sense of admiration for Dr. Bruch. She has always shown an outstanding degree of clinical dedication and commitment, from the time and effort with which she spends caring for her patients, to the way in which she’s modeled for both trainees and colleagues a sense of professionalism and true teamwork when working with clinical teams, she has demonstrated how to provide well-rounded and comprehensive care for those patients.”; “The 2020-2021 academic year was unlike anything most of us (perhaps any of us) can recall with respect to the degree with which we all needed to adapt to a sudden interruption and ultimately alteration in the delivery of both education and care. Dr. Bruch worked tirelessly to ensure that the medical students participating in the case analysis groups (in the MOHD courses) received the top tier education that they should expect from our department. With amazing speed and effectiveness, she reconfigured much of the educational material and delivery methods for those courses. Then, she managed to put together multiple workshops and tutorials in order to ensure that those of us that needed to participate in teaching could also do so effectively, and ultimately provide high quality medical education to the students. I’m so thankful that I’ve had the opportunity to work with Dr. Bruch from the time that I was a medical student in her case analysis group, through externship, residency, and junior facultyhood.”

Dr. Mitros also noted that Dr. Bruch is a wonderful example of someone who has contributed to all the missions of the department, highlighting her neuropathology prowess as well as her passionate involvement in education of residents and medical students.

This award was established in 2012. Prior honorees include:

2012: Frank Mitros
2013: Robert Robinson
2014: Nancy Rosenthal
2015: Matthew Krasowski
2016: Chris Jensen
2017: Laila Dahmoush
2018: Annette Schlueter
2019: Steven Moore

We are thankful and honored to have such valued clinicians and educators/mentors working alongside us.

Congratulations, Dr. Bruch!

Wednesday, November 24, 2021